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"Captain"......Dustin Brown?????

Posted on: November 27, 2009 6:28 pm
Captain Dustin Brown responce to the loss to the Flames:

“It’s more about preparation. Individually and as a team. Offensively, we need a lot more from everyone. We didn’t play, at least in my opinion, together”.

“When one of the top players goes down (Ryan Smyth)… I think everyone… I should be lighting up and getting excited and bringing energy to the game. We didn’t have a lot of energy."

Okay Dustin, lets break this down:

“Players aren’t playing hard enough”
As Captain, isn’t it your responsibility to get in their grill? Since you were named captain, have you ever got in someone’s grill? Just wondering.

“Not playing together”
So if I read this right, it’s Terry Murray’s fault for not putting the right line combinations together? As Captain, shouldn’t you have the ear of the team, and shouldn’t you be relaying those messages to the coach?

“It’s more about preparation, Individually and as a team”
Which players are lazy, Dustin? Okay, okay, we all know why we call him Fro-LOAF, but which players weren’t “prepared” as you say? Kopitar? The guy is leading the league in scoring. Williams? That guy had played his butt off this season, especially since coming back from injury. It must be the guys on YOUR line, right? If it’s the rookie Scott Parse, shouldn’t he be sent back down to Manchester if he’s not prepared? After all, he’s a rookie. Are you calling out Jarret Stoll, Dustin? He’s had 4 goals and 3 assists in his last 9 games. A quick check has YOU at 2 goals and 3 assists in those same 9 games.

Is it Simmonds and Handzus? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Simmonds take a game off, so you MUST be talking about Handzus, right? After all, he is -7 in the last 5 games with just one assist and he’s making 4 million bucks. Raitis and Richardson and Harrold, for the slugs that they are, still have a solid work ethic.

Is it the goaltender? The #1 goaltender? The one who is supposed to carry this team to the promise land? Is he not prepared? His horrific save percentage numbers would seem to indicate that.

Is it the defense? The one that is better than last season and until yesterday hadn’t allowed more than 30 shots since the beginning of the season?

Can you please explain?

“We didn’t have a lot of energy”
Thanks Dustin. Thanks for admitting to the 16,000+ fans that came out to watch the Kings, many of them for the very first time, came to see a team that “didn’t have a lot of energy”. Ty Cobb always played every game the same way. Hard. You know why? Because he said “Somewhere in the stands is someone who was seeing me play for the first time, and I wanted to make sure I left an impression”. Can you post THAT in the locker room, Dustin?

Terry Murray had a lengthy practice today. 80 minutes according to reports. Good.

But Jarret Stoll didn’t practice with the team today and is out with a “lower body injury” – Last season Jarret missed the last 8 games of the season with a pulled groin.

Terry Murray did say someone would be getting a call from Manchester.
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